【Ceramic News】Jul 2, 2020 (Issue 95)

1. Global ceramic consumption is expected to drop by 9.7% in 2020

 The epidemic has had a major impact on global cer amic consumption, with a
projected decline of 9.7% by 2020 and a recovery of 5.2% by 2021. U. S. tile
consumption is forecast to fall sharply, shrinking by- 13. 3% this year. In the
Far East, it is expected to fall by 7. 5% by the end of the year.
The contraction is even more pr onounced in the Gulf region, where consumption is
forecast to fall 15. 4 %,while the Middle East and North Africa are forecas t
to contract 7. 6%,Finally, the South American tile market is expected to
decline significantly this year, down 14. 7% from 2019.
Source: TOP Alliance、 Conf industria Ceramica

2. More than 100 ceramic tile production lines willbe built and upgraded, and 30% of them are ceramic slab

 According to incomplete statistics, since 2020, more than 50 ceramic
production lines have been upgraded or newly built, and more than 13 ceramic
production lines are being renovated or newly built. At the same time, the
ceramic enterprise clearly plans to build or rebuild more than 40 production
lines within the year. Among them,Guang dong,Jiangxi, Guangxi and other
production areas are the most prominent in new cons truc tion and reconstruction.
 The products cover ceramic slab,medium plate ceramic tile,large-size ceramic tile,
glaze-polished tile, wall tile, etc., among which there are more than 32 ceramic slab produc tion lines.

Source: Ceramic Information

3. A private equity fund to buy Boffi bathroom business in Italy

Private-equity firms E&F PE to acquire the bathroom business Boffi by luxury
home makers in Italy. E&F PE will split and acquire Boffi bathroom business.
And it' s supposed to create synergies with Inus. The fund announced in mid-
February that it plans to raise 250 billion KRW in SPC form to acquire the
Korean sani taryware brand Inus, which will be completed in July.

Source: Kitchen and Sani taryware Information
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