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Fashion elements to create a different kind of space, smooth feel, full of texture embellishment, is shining space coordination and beauty of life, the light in mapping out the fine taste of the lifestyle.

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         Foshan Shafei Crystal Glass Mosaic Co.,Ltd is a company specializing in glass mosaic products design, research, development and production. The fixed assets is RMB 4,000,000, Registered Capital is RMB2,000,000.
      The factory area of 3,500 square meters, number of employees has 120 people, with technical and management staff of 50 people .In year 2008,Company founded sub-factory which located on Danzao and the factory area of 5000 square meters. The number of employees more than 180; can produce up to 45,000㎡。
      Our company is specializing in the production of crystal glass mosaic manufacturers.
      The company has the industry’s most advanced equipment, automated printing line, cutting lines, Putie line and product inspection line. Products export to mainly Europe, United States and other countries and regions. Good relationship with a number of well-known businesses.
      “Innovation and pursue first” is the company’s operation philosophy. ShaFei Crystal Glass Mosaic of the product designs are fashionable and color varieties. ShaFei widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, any flat surface and bending can be applied. Such as bathrooms, kitchen walls and lobby hall, the main murals ,fountains, a swimming pool, sauna and bars, and other public places decoration. May also according to meet the customer special needs to design different style of the puzzle, border and foot line..
      ShaFei using advanced production technology and facilities complete production line production, to meet the various dealers and all types of customer orders demand. ShaFei can also produce specialized products with the unique personality.
      Our company in a professional point of view and cautious attitude on product excellences, excellence in innovative technology products embodied the classical taste.

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Team Profile: We are from all over the world, but the common goal is pregnant with the same ideal, but the starting point for different destinations, like the young at heart at this moment together, united, ignore the do not give up, cut breaking waves, brave sail.

Professional perspective and cautious attitude of product excellence, excellence in innovative technology products embody the classic taste.

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    Terrain kun, the gentleman to Virtuous.


Woven natural elements, the dignified elegance and gorgeous puzzle in the story of life in filmmaking. No dazzling colors are revealed it is a very calm and quiet. From fashion natural texture, it is like falling Yilianyoumeng.

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2017 Edition Shafei album through market research and customer participation, carefully selected some of the wonderful cases and tiling effect, welcome to contact us for.

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Foshan Shafei Crystal Glass Mosaic Co.,Ltd ADD:LiangJiao Development Zone,Lecong Shunde District,Foshan City, Guangdong Province,China.
TEL:0757-28970716 28970712
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